Englisch 2018/2019

Programmdetails 3rd Worldmusic Carnival Mönchengladbach:

Wednesday, 23rd January  2019 – 20:00:  Sahib Pashazade Duoa (Azerbaijan)

Sahib+Kamran 2018 - 300dpi by Artist Archive

The Sahib Pashazade Duo from Azerbaijan presents an impressive repertoire of instrumental Mugham songs with the short-necked lute Tar and the drum Nagara. Mugham as a type of music is part of the list of UNESCO immaterial cultural heritage. The two leading Mugham instrumentalists Sahib Pashazade and Kamran Kerimov play in many international worldmusic festivals and have been rewarded for their performance several times. With charismatic presence on stage, impressive proficiency and rousing enjoyment of playing they present the music of their homeland.

• Entrance: 9€ / 4,5€ reduced
• Location: Kulturküche, Waldhausener Str. 64, 41061 Mönchengladbach


Sunday, 10. February 2019 – 19:00: The Heart Core (Mönchengladbach)

heartcore-3223 finalThe Heart Core was founded in 1995 by chance. The special thing about it: All song texts are written by themselves. Choirmaster Andi Jäger writes the A-capella-arrangements or she receives them from befriended choirmasters. Since 2016 Mira Leiendecker from the younger Heart Core generation takes over the choir sometimes. For their performance at the Worldmusic Carnival Mönchengladbach the choir extends its usual repertoire for songs from all over the world.

• Entrance: 8€ / 4€ reduced
• Location: Chapeau Kultur, Bahnhofstr. 24, 41236 Mönchengladbach

Sunday, 10th February 2019 – 19:00: Alliance De Paix (Mönchengladbach & Neuss)

ALLIANCE DE PAIX is a group of young people – courageous, serious, visionary – longing for greatness (symbol of an eagle). ALLIANCE DE PAIX is open for all those people that want to promote the wonderful work of God. ALLIANCE DE PAIX is love 💖.

• Entrance: 8€ / 4€ reduced
• Location: Chapeau Kultur, Bahnhofstr. 24, 41236 Mönchengladbach


Wednesday, 27th February – 19:00: Chanson Trottoir (Köln)

Chanson_Trottoir_EpicerieFrench street music with a multi-cultural flair. The sun is shining and the blossoms are bursting because French melodies are filling the streets. „CHONSON TROTTOIR“ is on the go! With guitar, cajon drum, balalaika double bass, accordion and clarinet, „CHANSON TROTTOIR“ plays a mix of their own music plus French classics from the the artists Serge Gainsbourg, Charles Aznavour and Georges Brassens – performed in a unique and refreshing style. The Cologne Band began purely as a street band in the neighbourhoods of Cologne (also in Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Zurich, Lausanne, Montpellier…) but nowadays can be seen performing at many noteworthy concerts and festivals. Passion, fun and a healthy dose of craziness! This is what a concert by „CHANSON TROTTOIR“ means. Come see for yourself!

• Entrance: 8€ / 4€ reduced
• Location: Köntges, Waldhausener Str. 16, 41061 Mönchengladbach


Friday, 01st March 2019 – 23:00: Guts (France)

And the living is easyFirstly hidden in the credits on covers in the category „composition and production“, Guts created his renommé as beatmaker for the sounds of Alliance Ethnik, Big Red or the Svinkels. Since 2007 he is also known as independent solo artist. Since Hip Hop entered his live in the 80s he spent all his time and energy to it. In 2014, after 25 years of deep devotion, he decided to magnify the music that hat influenced him for such a long time. He went to New York to record songs in collaboration with legends but also little-known talents and jazz musicians. His never ending curiosity and eagerness to try new things lead him towards electro funk, afro-disco and space jazz and distilled as a result together with his live band in the albums ETERNAL and Stop the Violence – in which he reinvented himself and his music.

• Entrance: 8€ / 6€ reduced
• Location: Projekt42, Waldhausener Str. 42, 41061 Mönchengladbach