Englisch 2017/2018

Worldmusic Carnival Mönchengladbach:

The idea of the second „Worldmusic Carnival Mönchengladbach“, organized by Kulturkram e.V., is to establish a world music festival in Mönchengladbach and to foster communication and understanding of different cultures in the city. World music is a diverse genre: it includes various sounds, classical ethnic music and modern folklore, as well as a mix of old traditional sounds and contemporary club music.
This is why we want to offer small and bigger music events and workshops for everybody in Mönchengladbach.

Here is an overview of our program & details from November 2017 to February 2018:

Firday, 10. November, 2017 – 23:00: Oriental Tropical (Germany)

oriental tropicalThe project Oriental Tropical sees itself as a musical expedition that takes it‘s guests to distant countries, where the folklore from traditional feasts and weddings finds itself in a steady change and progress in the urban sphere. This sound shall be danceable, psychedelic, rather Global Beats than Worldmusic!

Tradition meets the contemporary, 1000 years old instruments meet electronic beats, smaples, loops & effects…

• Location: Projekt42, Waldhausener Str. 40-42. 41061 Mönchengladbach
• Entrance: 5 €

Saturday, 11. November, 2017 – 20:00: Gulzoda (Uzbekistan)

GulzodaTrioDSC_3306byAtoe-300dpiTransoxania is the „land beyond the Oxus river“ – a historico-culturally important region in Western Central Asia: the land between the two rivers Amudarja (historical name = Oxus) and Syrdarja with the two metropolises of Samarkand and Bukhara. Today it belongs mainly to Uzbekistan, but also some regions of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan and Turkmenistan form part of it.

The jung singer Gulzoda Khudoinazarova comes from Bukhara and is known for her highly nuanced voice and exceptional stage presence. The music is a mixture of traditional folk music and Shashmaqam – a traditional genre, that has been created in Bukhara by musicians and singers of different origin and religion (Uzbeks, Tajiks and jews) in oral tradition and got writtenly recorded in the 18th century in six complex cycles.


• Location: Ladenlokal, Eickener Str.12. 41061 Mönchengladbach
• Entrance: 8 € / 4€ reduced


Saturday, 27. January  2018, 2017 – 13:00 – 17:00: Didgeridoo-Workshops

Foto: Thomas Weiss/WEISSFOTO-Bielefeld - www.aolc.de

Foto: Thomas Weiss

Tom Fronza has been a professional multiinstrumentalist since 1997. He already gave countless workshops and concerts all over the world. His favourite and main instrument is the  didgeridoo – the traditional instrument of the Australian Aboriginees.Tom‘s own style is based on the experiences of many years of autodidactic learning. He shares these experiences in workshops. Beginners are just as welcome as advanced players that already have created their own style or musicians that are curious to transfer the didgeridoo techniques on other instruments such as saxophone, trambone or tuba. The topics of the workshop include – dependent on the knowledge of the participants – basic knowledge and the creation of the first tone, circular breathing, various rhythms and advanced techniques.Instruments can be borrowed.

• Workshop Fee: 8 € / 4€ reduced
• Location: das Blaue Haus, Waldhausener Str. 15, 41061 Mönchengladbach

Saturday, 27. January  2018 – 13:00 – 17:00: Dancehall-Workshop ls official German DHQ 2017

received_10207568920939688 (2)Official Dancehall Queen 2017, Elina Möller aka Miss Venergy, 24 years old, dancer, teacher, choreographer, member of the „Champion Bubblers“ teaches dancehall from oldschool to middleschool and the newest steps. Her focus is on those steps that are equally danced by MEN and by WOMEN. Besides these steps there is also a dancehall style ONLY for women called „Dancehall Queen Style“. Its characteristics are femininity, flexibility and acrobatics. Miss Venergy showed her talents in the German Dancehall Queen Contest 2017 in Berlin, where she impressed the jury and the audience not only with her dancing proficiency but also with a show, which explored the female role in dancehall and reflected it critically. She already performed throughout Europe with many different artits, among them Tony Matterhorn, Elephant Man, TOK, RDX, Charly Black, Patexx, Alkaline, Baby Cham, Demarco, Black Chiney, Deebuzz, Pow Pow In summer 2017 she went to Jamaica for the fourth time to deepen her understandings of the culture, improve her language knowledge and learn from the Jamaican dancers.So, come and enjoy a power workshop with LOTS of good mood, fun and background knowledge about the culture, which is important to understand the dance and the music.

• Workshop Fee: 8 € / 4€ reduced
• Location: Tanzschule Ragtag, Stephanstraße 5, 41061 Mönchengladbach

Saturday, 27. January  2018, 2017 – 20:00: Analouge Birds (Germany)

analoguebirdsaSince 2014 Analogue Birds energise their audience at international performances. They pick elements from different genres such as Drum‘n‘Bass, Dubstep, Dancehall, Jazz, Rock, World or Breakbeats and create extraordinary soundscapes and driving beats on the highest level. The musical focus is the didgeridoo, the instrument of the Australian natives, which offers a totally new listening experience to the audience due to the thrilling play and performance. In addition, the pulsating drums and earthy bass create driving rhythms, full sub bass and bulky effects. Percussions, the Jew‘s harp and live looping are the finishing touch to the ensemble playing. The Arabic short-necked lute Oud and the guitar sounds full of effects add the lyrical topping to the music. In the energetic exchange the band creates an „outrageous“ sound which animates ears, heart and makes you want to dance.


• Entrance: 7 € / 4€ reduced
• Location: das Blaue Haus, Waldhausener Str. 15, 41061 Mönchengladbach

Wednesday, 31. January  2018- 20:00:  Gharbaïn (Morocco & France)


Gharbaïn litterally means ‚The two Wests‘. The first meaning of the word refers to the Maghrib and the geographic location of Marocco as the most Western country of the African continent. The second West refers to the Muslim Andalusia of the middle ages, where the most famous master of the Oud of his time, Abu l-Hasan ‚Ali Ibn Nafi‘ (789-857), also called Ziryab, founded the school of Arabo-Andalusian music and created the nūbah. Moreover, the trio Gharbaïn incorporates another Western connection: a connection between the city of Fès in the Northwest of Morocco and Narbonne in the Southwest of France. The three musicians and their families are connected with these two cities.Gharbaïn play mainly pieces of classical Arabo-Andalusian tradition; but their repertoire also includes songs from the urban Maghrib folk music Chaabi as well as Arabic dance music Aïta. In the sung popular and classical poetry love is an ever recurring topic. Gharbaïn is inspired by these various Morrocan styles and interprets them as ongoing dialogue with historical and current reference points.The three musicians play various, especially traditional Arabic instruments and enchant their audience with their varied play.

Abdalatef Bouzbiba – Vocals, Violine, Rabab
Thomas Loopuyt – Oud, Lothar
Nordine Boussetta – Darbuka, Bendir, Tar

• Entrance: 8 € / 4€ reduced
• Location: Kulturküche, Waldhausener Str. 64, 41061 Mönchengladbach

Friday, 09. February 2018 – 23:00: Alizarina (Belgien)
Goulash DiskoGypsi-Trance-Klezmer!

From a Techno Kick to a melody on the clarinet, ALIZARINA oscillates between multiple influences: Klezmer, Tsiganes, Arab or even some Classical Music notes, coming from his childhood musical background. Result of many travels and a tireless curiosity, the music of ALIZARINA has got hypnotic power. It settles in your body, whirls in your head, and might ultimately be as one with your inner self. ALIZARINA experiments a brand new music matter. HisLiveSet, with a charming clarinet and intoxicating machines, will make you lose control.Sensitive, subtle and poetic, this alchemist offers you an outstretched hand to his world.Jump in… the trip is worthwile.


• Location: Projekt42, Waldhausener Str. 40-42. 41061 Mönchengladbach
• Entrance: 5 €