Worldmusic Carnival:

The idea of the first „Worldmusic Carnival“, organized by Kulturkram e.V., is to establish a world music festival in Mönchengladbach and to foster communication and understanding of different cultures in the city. World music is a diverse genre: it includes various sounds, classical ethnic music and modern folklore, as well as a mix of old traditional sounds and contemporary club music.
This is why we want to offer small and bigger music events and workshops for everybody in Mönchengladbach.

Here is an overview of our program from November 2016 to February 2017:

Sunday, 13. November, 2016 – 19:30
• Artist: Culture Resonance
• Genre: Turkish and Afghan Folk, Indian Ragas, Jazz
• from Germany
• Website: facebook.com/Culture-Resonance
• Location: Ladenlokal, Eickener Str. 14, 41061 Mönchengladbach
• Entrance: 5 € / 3 € reduced

Saturday, 28. January, 2017 – 16:00 – 18.39
• Workshop: Oriental Funk Dance Workshop
• Style: HipHop meets Oriental
• Workshop Fee: 6,-E
• Location: Ragtag, Stephanstr. 5, 41061 Mönchengladbach

Saturday, 4. February, 2017 – 19:30
• Artist: The Hempolics
• Genre: Reggae, Jazz, HipHop
• from Great Britain
• Website: www.hempolics.com
• Supporting act: Laboum (facebook.com/laboum.melodys)
• Location: BIS, Bismarckstraße 97–99, 41061 Mönchengladbach
• Entrance: 9 € / 5 € reduced

Thursday, 9. February, 2017 – 19:30
• Artist: Nawal
• Genre: Afro-Sufi-Songs
• from the Comoros
• Website: nawali.com
• Location: Ladenlokal, Eickener Str. 14, 41061 Mönchengladbach
• Entrance: 7 € / 4 € reduced

Friday, 24. February, 2017 – 23:00 „Party Carnival Global“
• Artist: Rafael Aragón
• Genre: Global Bass / Tropical Club / Moombahton / Cumbia Dub / Oriental
• from France
• Website: facebook.com/rafael.aragon.paris
• Location: Projekt42, Waldhausener Str. 40-42. 41061 Mönchengladbach
• Entrance: 5 €

Artist description:

Culture Resonance

cultureresonance-pressefoto-1We are Culture Resonance, a band of three siblings from Bielefeld/Germany. We are playing together since 2006 and had a few concerts at different festivals and events in Germany and Turkey. As we have roots in Germany, Turkey, India, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan we are playing transcultural music with instruments from India and the middle East like Oud, Sitar, Sarod, Tabla and Def. Those Instruments are brought together with western musical styles and Instruments as the Cello, the Harp and the Doublebass.
We mostly play our own songs which are mainly shaped by improvised music. We believe in music as a medium that can be used as a language to communicate between different cultures without using words.


Oriental Funk Dance Workshop


As multiculti as it gets!Wenta and Susan will take you on a creative journey across different countries that will eventually take you to yourself. Explore what’s inside of you and let yourself carry away by their energy. These two are colourful! They don’t just teach dance – they create, live, love dance and everything coming with it. You will be amazed by what happens to you and to dance when Wenta and Susan meet and merge their dance styles.

The Hempolics


The Hempolics are out to put those organic rootsy vibes back into music; with their fat radio-friendly hooks, bumping soundsystem bass and a wanderlusty, ineffably real sound all
of their own…
Over years of recording top international talent The Hempolics enigmatic leader, Grippa  aybourne, has been carefully honing his own masterpiece and selecting a gang armed and dangerous enough to execute it. The Hempolics caused an instant stir with their single Serious, on the Reggae Roast label, which hit number one in the 2010 UK reggae charts. Their latest releases have been spun by the likes of Rodigan, Don Letts and FIP (France) and combined with tight as a tick live performances – honed supporting Faithless’ farewell tour of the UK and Europe – they are becoming the worst kept secret on the UK circuit today.



nawali-2015-20-300dpiNawal Mlanao was born on the Comoros, an island state north-east of Madagascar close to the east coast of Africa. The singer and composer was raised in a family of musicians, where music and spirituality were tied closely together. She now commutes between France and the Comoros.
As a young woman she moved to France to study. There she continued her studies on the rich musical traditions of the Comoros and used the results in her fascinating musical artworks. Nawal Mlanao plays the Gambusi, a banjo-like instrument originally from Yemen, guitar, flute, the African Mbira, the Iranian Def as well as other percussion instruments.
Many of her melodies have an islamic-arabic background, crossing with polyphonic rhythms of the African Bantu and the trance-traditions of the Sufis – with influences of her new home France as well. She sings most of her songs in the Comorian language Shikomori which is one of the three official languages on the Comoros, along with Arabic and French. The artist has given concerts in Europe, the USA, Africa, the Middle East and on the islands in the Indian Ocean for 25 years.


Rafael Aragón

rafaelarragonRafael Aragón is a latin/arabic rooted french musician / dj / composer / producer. Born & raised in Paris, between downtown and suburbs, he grew up surrounded by different cultures that really built him, first as a human being and later as an artist.
He soon became obsessed with the idea of mixing traditional, folkloric music with modern electronic patterns, looking for the perfect balance between organic and synthetic, old and new, art music and popular music, the holy and the profane, the darkness and the light, the brain and the feet. His music has no label and keeps evolving in several directions at the same time.
Rafael Aragon’s music is mainly club oriented, heavy bass material, yet delicate, maximalist and highly psychedelic. Sweaty dancefloor killers and soulful, enlightened anthems to cheer up and enjoy the beauty of life.
Since 2014 he’s playing dj sets in addition to his live acts, which gives him more versatility to play in different configurations such as big electronic music festivals like Fusion Fest, 2013, 2014 & 2015, world music festivals like Rio Loco 2015, theater festivals like Steirischer Herbst 2013, 2014, clubs, bars, rave parties, free parties, after parties, daytime events, open-air, private parties, etc.



laboumLaboum is refreshing and different – and that starts with the name. The name is not supposed to remind you of the French word for party and make you expect mainstream music. In the language Ewe, „Laboum“ is the word for waterfall in general and in particular for the one located in the Kyabobo National Park in Ghana.
Combining pop and jazz sounds, the band from Mönchengladbach takes you on a journey to yet unknown but worth discovering stages of music. The band members Melody Awuah, Felix Horstmann and Lennart Merkl have a lot to offer: a brilliant voice and various instruments: Kazoo, guitar, drums, spring drum, and a variety of electronic instruments such as a drum pad and synthesizers.