Carneval Global at Pop Paradiso

28.08.2021 // Festivaltag mit Global Sounds & Picknick im Skulpturengarten MG

28.08.2021 // Festivalday with Global Sounds in the Skulpturengarten in Mönchengladbach
Concerts & DJ-Set – Finally playing Live-Music again, finally dancing again!

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Welcome to Global Pop Paradiso!

Carneval Global ist ein Musikfestival und eigentlich Euer Gladbacher-Special im rheinischen Carneval Global is a music festival and actually your Gladbach special in times oft the german carneval, which happens normally in februaryor march. As you know, this year everything is different. After our online festival in the end of february, we want to celebrate with you and invite you to global music and a picnic feeling on a chilled summer day in the beautiful Sklupturengarten in the city of Mönchengladbach.

connect & respect! 
There will be local and regional artists performing and inspiring you live on stage, while you can just chat, dance and experience the festival atmosphere, we have been waiting for so long. We also want to encourage you to engage with the critique of racism and allyship (ally) in our society. All carnivalists and non-carnivalists are more then welcome to meet, exchange and network!

We present: Achan Malonda, Acoustique Anatolia, Alma Miranda, Aromateeq, Don Cholo & Ushuaia Banda, MELANE … 

We can’t wait to meet you!!

Your Carneval Global Team

The festival is supported by the Kulturbüro Mönchengladbach.

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Infos to Pop Paradiso:

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Carneval Global Team

The festival is founded by Kulturbüro Mönchengladbach.


Date: 28.08.2021
Time: 14-22 Uhr 


There will be soli tickets available. Carneval Global wants to support solidarity, community & culture! With the Soli-Ticket you give as much as you can and support the artists on stage and other actions of our racism-critical educational and cultural work. 

This is what we offer you:
The day will start with local heroines from Mönchengladbach and sounds for a relaxed picnic atmosphere. In the course of the day, we’ll get you off your picnic blankets and chairs, because in the afternoon, the mood and the tempo will pick you up! The evening ends with danceable beats.

MALONDA (Elektro Pop) 

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DiveMALONDA (she/her) is a Berlin-based singer, songwriter and electric diva who writes original songs and also shines on theatre stages. Besides music, she gets involved for anti-racist and queer-feminist topics. By singing and speaking about gender roles, sex and diversity, Malonda is a political artist. With the grace of a Hildegard Knef or Grace Jones, MALONDA celebrates femininity in the form of electronic earworms on stage as well as her debut EP ‚Mondin‘, released in 2019 – you can neither look nor listen away.



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Acoustique Anatolia

This band from Mönchengladbach is known for their music with an Anatolian background. They come with vocals, guitar, keyboard and classical Turkish instruments. The local heroes are looking forward to present cover songs as well as their own ones soon.

Alma Miranda (Folk)

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Alma Miranda

Those two bright voices can sound like one and the same. The duo „Alma Miranda“ by the Chilean twin sisters Pía and Paz create a unique atmosphere with keys, flute, trombone and cuatro. 


Aromateeq (DJ-Set: Hip Hop, Afrobeats und Afrohouse)

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Aromateeq (she/her) is known for positive and empowering vibes in her sets. Her passion is Hip Hop, Afrobeats and Afrohouse. In addition to a special feel for the sounds of the earth, she understands to present female perspectives and artists* in her sets. She is part of the musicNRWwomen* network and stands for diversity in the music scene.

Web: /

Don Cholo & Ushuaia Banda (Lateinamerikanischer Fusion-Rap)

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Don Cholo

Don Cholo is a Cologne rapper, producer and DJ. Growing up in Lima and settled in Cologne. The Spanish-rapping German-Peruvian was inspired both lyrically and musically to explore the traditions, themes and problems of different cultures. Thus, in his solo album „El Viaje“, which has been released in 2020, he processes the experiences and musical encounters during his two-year trip to South America and distinguishes himself from other Latin greats of his time through the fusion of folkloric sounds, Afro-American percussion and urban beats on the one hand and his socially critical lyrics on the other.


MELANE (Afro, Soul, Jazz)

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After her successful debut album „Four“ (ACT) with the band „Three Fall“, MELANE has now decided to tell her own musical story and open up new worlds of sound.

Her lyrics and music reflect her connection to different parts of her cultural background, as well as her love for different styles and rhythms – they are the sounds of her cultural roots and her current home.